Grupo Lavaderos Europa                                    
Polígono Industrial  Riu Clar. Parc. 169-179, C/ Or, s/n. 43006 Tarragona
Telf. 0034 977 54 70 06 - Fax. 0034 977 55 25 19
Postal address: Apdo. Correos 89, 43080 Tarragona
     Lavaderos Europa was created in 1986 and opened its first Tank Cleaning Station in a facility from the trading estate “Francolí” in Tarragona.

Lavaderos Europa was founded with the objective to meet the increasing demand for cleaning inner services of road tanks; demand generated by the steady growth of the industrial areas in Tarragona and Catalonia in general.

       By 1987, due to the rising demand of our services and the stricter environmental regulations, Lavaderos Europa moved to the Industrial State “Polígono Riu-Clar”. In the new Tank Cleaning Station is installed the most modern machinery in those time and built the first water waste treatment plant for industrial waters from the tank cleaning services.

       From the beginning,
Lavaderos Europa has been working with a clear philosophy of daily effort for a continuous improvement to ensure a satisfactory and effective service, appropriate to the needs of our clients and the market needs.

Lavaderos Europa, S.A. is the master company of the Lavaderos Europa Group that nowadays has several Tank Cleaning Stations in different locations of Spain.

       Our experience of more than two decades offering our services in the tank cleaning services area, places us in an advanced position and leadership in this sector.

       Our knowledge in tank cleaning, transport, manufacturers and the necessities to cover, and in order to achieve the objectives of its policy of quality improvement, environment and prevention,
Lavaderos Europa Group has been for years devoting human and economic resources to R&D. Moreover it has a technical team, which studies, tests and proposes improvement in facilities, equipment, procedures and services.